RIYE was founded in 1991,we manufacture and service the products of Transformer,Regulator,UPS(Uninterruptible Power System),etc.Riye Electric persists the goal of ''safety'',''maneuverability'',''endurance''. Our products conform to international quality standards and international industrial standards,and we believe that our design must focus on 3H:High quality&High endurance&High safety.That's why not only high technology equipment agent but also distributors,engineers,and those who are planning to set up the factory overseas always put our product at the first place to make sure the power system's quality. Power system is one of our main products,for the sake of giving you the best quality and best service,our professional teams endeavor day and night.Lighting you up always!

Our main power solution products:
  • AVR system
  • UPS system
  • Transformer
  • Frequency Converter
  • DC power supply
  • Other power equipment
We have passed the ISO9002 certificate , and we believe the certificate speak for themselves.


Fluke 福祿克 紅外線熱影像儀-工業系列

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Fluke 福祿克 紅外線熱影像儀-工業系列- Fluke Ti32 紅外線攝影機 / 熱成像攝影機

Fluke Ti32-停產

Fluke 福祿克 紅外線熱影像儀-工業系列- Fluke Ti32 紅外線攝影機 熱成像攝影機

迄今為止,最高的性價比、最為堅固耐用、操作最為簡單的熱影像儀。 Fluke 對儀器品質的追求永無止境,熱影像產品家族又添新成員 Ti32。 Fluke Ti32 在 Ti25 和 Ti10 的設計中增加了功能強大的 320x240 感測器,實現了最高的工業級、高性能熱影像儀。圖像逼真、細膩,並結合 IR Fusion® 專利技術,定會讓您印象深刻!