RIYE was founded in 1991,we manufacture and service the products of Transformer,Regulator,UPS(Uninterruptible Power System),etc.Riye Electric persists the goal of ''safety'',''maneuverability'',''endurance''. Our products conform to international quality standards and international industrial standards,and we believe that our design must focus on 3H:High quality&High endurance&High safety.That's why not only high technology equipment agent but also distributors,engineers,and those who are planning to set up the factory overseas always put our product at the first place to make sure the power system's quality. Power system is one of our main products,for the sake of giving you the best quality and best service,our professional teams endeavor day and night.Lighting you up always!

Our main power solution products:
  • AVR system
  • UPS system
  • Transformer
  • Frequency Converter
  • DC power supply
  • Other power equipment
We have passed the ISO9002 certificate , and we believe the certificate speak for themselves.


電源供應器 Power Supplies
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電源供應器-NGL202 Power supply
電源供應器-NGL202 Power supply
電源供應器-NGL202 Power supply

產品名稱 : 2象限電源供應器-NGL202 Power supply

產品型號 : NGL202



Premium Arbitrary power supply with 2 outputs (0 V ~ 20 V ; ≤ 6 V: 6 A, > 6 V: 3 A), with sense connectors and a resolution of 1mV/0,1mA. The NGL201 could be used as electronic load.
NGL200 Power Supply Series-Datasheet-宥億企業yoie (1.1 MB)
NGL202 Power Supply-Datasheet-宥億企業yoie (1.1 MB)
Due to their high accuracy and fast load recovery time, the R&S®NGL200 power supply series is perfect for challenging applications. Their two-quadrant architecture allows them to function both as a source and a sink to simulate batteries and loads. Their short recovery times enable them to handle fast load changes that occur for example when mobile communications devices switch from sleep mode to transmit mode.

ı Fast regulation of output voltage with minimum overshoot and very fast load recovery time
ı Minimum residual ripple and noise to supply interferencefree voltage to sensitive DUTs
ı Readings with up to 6½ digit resolution are perfect for characterizing devices that have low power consumption in standby mode and high current in full load operation
ı Two quadrants: operates as source or sink
* Max. output power: 120 W
* Voltage per channel: 0 V to 20 V
* Max. current per channel: 6 A
* Load recovery time: < 30 µs
* Ripple and noise: < 500 µVRMS / < 1 mARMS

NGL200電源系列,專門針對移動通信和物聯網領域的用戶。單通道R&S®NGL201和雙通道R&S®NGL202每通道輸出功率高達60 W。輸出通道具有浮動、隔離、超載保護和短路保護特性。該電源可以以受控方式吸收功率,使其能夠模擬電池的特性。該系列還通過電容式觸控式螢幕和高解析度大螢幕設置了新的標準。優化的使用者介面特別直觀,溫控風扇確保其工作時非常安靜。強大的安全功能在發生故障時能夠保護被測設備和電源。



R&S NGL200電源具有線性調節功能,可提供極其穩定的輸出電壓和電流。這使得其成為為敏感模組供電、開發功率放大器以及MMICs的正確選擇。

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