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NI FlexRIO Adapter Modules 適配器模組

NI FlexRIO適配器模組


AT-1120/AT-1212 FlexRIO模組,具有高達2GS/s取樣速率和14位垂直解析度,能夠生成高性能模擬波形,滿足各種要求,包括測試信號以及對速度、解析度和品質高要求的應用。

High Speed Arbitrary Signal Generator
New Generation Waveforms for Complex Real-World Signals
High bandwidth and high resolution AWGs help you to generate with confidence complex signals like digital modulations and RF stimuli for functional and performance tests.

AT-1120/AT-1212 FlexRIO Modules, by combining up to 2 GS/s with 14 Bit Vertical Resolution, generate high performance analog waveforms to meet demanding for test signals and applications where speed, resolution and quality is an issue.
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