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Pulse Generators 脈衝產生器



Pulse Generators

Active Technologies Pulse and Pattern generators offer wide output range and a rise time faster than 70 ps.
The modular structure of the systems allows to build a multi channel pulse generator in a compact form factor.
Active Technologies Pulse Generators can be used to set up continuous or triggered pulse streams and offers flexibility to address the most challenging applications like big physics, automated testing, microwaves, modulators, wireless communication, medical and chemistry.

The combination of fast edge generation, excellent dynamic range and easy to use user interface go perfectly on large experiments areas such colliders, lasers modulations, detectors and strips silicon emulation.

Radar or Sonar systems perfectly match with these generators to better test and prove complex detection systems.

Active Technologies Fast Pulse Generator solutions allow to generate sub nano second pulses as well as wide amplitude pulses up to 24V
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