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NGE102B Power Supply Series
NGE102B Power Supply Series
NGE102B Power Supply Series
NGE102B Power Supply Series
NGE102B Power Supply Series

Product Name : NGE102B Power Supply

Item No. : NGE102B


The R&S®NGE100B power supply series consists of robust, high-performance, affordable instruments.They offer high efficiency combined with low ripple plus a variety of comfort functions that are not usually found in this class of power supplies.

The R&S®NGE100B power supply series consists of the R&S®NGE102B two-channel power supply and the
R&S®NGE103B three-channel power supply. Both instruments provide up to 33.6 W output power per channel.
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NGE100B NGE102B NGE103B Power Supply-Datasheet-YO IE (4.2 MB)
NGE100B系列 NGE102B NGE103B 電源供應器 規格-宥億企業YOIE (3.8 MB)
Unlike most power supplies in this class, the R&S®NGE100B power supplies feature 100% electrically equivalent output channels. All outputs are earth-free and short-circuit-proof. The output channels can be combined in serial or in parallel to achieve higher voltages or higher currents (up to 96 V or up to 9 A using all three channels of the R&S®NGE103B).

All basic functions of the R&S®NGE100B power supplies can be operated via direct keys on the front panel. The
rotary knob plays the central role in adjusting the voltage and current and setting the limits for the multipurpose
protection functions. The operating conditions of all channels are displayed on the screen simultaneously. Active
channels are indicated by the illuminated channel key. Active outputs are shown in green when working in constant
voltage mode and in red when working in constant current mode. Inactive outputs are displayed in white.
❙ R&S®NGE102B with two or R&S®NGE103B with three channels
❙ Max. output power of 66 W with R&S®NGE102B,
100 W with R&S®NGE103B (33.6 W per channel)
❙ Max. output voltage of 32 V per channel
(up to 64 V/96 V in serial operation)
❙ Max. output current of 3 A per channel
(up to 6 A/9 A in parallel operation)
❙ Electronic fuse (OCP), overvoltage protection (OVP),
overpower protection (OPP), overtemperature protection
❙ USB interface (CDC/TMC), optional LAN (LXI), optional
wireless LAN
❙ Optional digital I/O (4 bit)
Safety/Quality Approvals
Other 1
Meets your daily needs
❙ All channels galvanically isolated and earth-free
❙ All channels electrically equivalent with the same voltage,
current and power
❙ Parallel and serial operation
❙ Short-circuit-proof outputs
❙ Protection functions to safeguard instrument and DUT
❙ Modern architecture; small, compact and quiet
❙ Tailored to be used in education, labs and system racks

Easy operation
❙ Straightforward operation
❙ Color-coding of operating conditions
❙ Comfort features for special applications
❙ Tracking and link functions
❙ Five memory keys to save/recall instrument settings

Connectivity – everything you need
❙ Front connectors with 4 mm safety binding posts
❙ USB interface (virtual COM port and TMC class)
❙ LAN interface (LXI) with integrated web server
(R&S®NGE-K101 option)
❙ Wireless LAN, unique in this class
(R&S®NGE-K102 option)
❙ Digital trigger in/out (4 bit) on the rear
(R&S®NGE-K103 option)
Other 2
All basic R&S®NGE100B power supply functions can be operated via direct keys on the front panel – no need to
maneuver through a jungle of menus. Just press the "Voltage" key, select an output channel and use the rotary knob
or the arrow keys to adjust the desired voltage in steps down to 10 mV. A constant output current can be similarly
set in steps down to 1 mA.