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Precision LCR Meter 6366-YO IE ENTERPRISE CORP., LTD.
Precision LCR Meter 6366-YO IE ENTERPRISE CORP., LTD.
Precision LCR Meter 6366-YO IE ENTERPRISE CORP., LTD.
Precision LCR Meter 6366-YO IE ENTERPRISE CORP., LTD.
Precision LCR Meter 6366-YO IE ENTERPRISE CORP., LTD.

Product Name : Precision LCR Meter 6366

Item No. : Microtest 6366


The 6366 precision LCR meter is provided with high accuracy and speed. The test frequency from 10Hz to 500KHz. The 6366A test frequency from0.1Hz-500KHz, lowest test frequency from 0.1Hz. The difference between the new generation of LCR meters and the older generation LCR meters is that the measurement speed is faster and the accuracy is all up. It can show four measurement parameters Simultaneously. LCR meter is able to perform the component test entirely.

In addition to measuring all kinds of components, but also can be used in the car battery, cell phone battery itself charge and discharge capacitors, UPS power system and other large energy power supply stable capacitor.
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Precision LCR Meter 6365 6366 6367-YO IE ENTERPRISE CORP., LTD. (794 KB)
Precision LCR Meter 6365 6366 6367-宥億企業 (762 KB)
* Basic accuracy up to ±0.08%
* The lowest test frequency from 0.1Hz (636XA series)
* Synchronous tests with four parameter settings
* User-friendly interface, easy to operate
* Support fully test functions
* Interface: GPIB, RS232, Handler and USB
* 7 inch 800*480, TFT LCD color screen
* Multi step function

Measurement Data

Model Name


Test Frequency 10Hz-500kHz
Model Name 6366A
Test Frequency 0.1Hz-500kHz
Points Of Test Frequency  Continuity  
Basic Accuracy  ± 0.08%  
AC Drive Level  10mV to 2Vrms (1m Vrms solution)  
DC Drive Level  0.01V-2V  
Output Impedance  100Ω  
Frequency trimming resolution  5 Digits  
Frequency output accuracy  ±0.01%  
AC / DC test speed Max.  8mS  


Measured Value Detection Mode Define upper and lower thresholds according to main and sub parameters
ESR Series/Parallel
Test Mode Meter mode/Multi-step mode
Test Range Automatic/Lock
Indicator Pass/Fail and Built-in speaker
Safety EN61010-1
Immunity EN61326-1
Emissions EN55022 Class A
Calibration Open Circuit / Short Circuit: Avoid the misreading caused by the stray capacitance from kelvin clips and fixtures
Auto-save when power-off function When the power is turned off or encounter a power outage, all the data will be saved automatically and recovered when tester system is switched on again
Power Supply Voltage 90-132Vac or 198-264Vac (selectable) 
Frequency 47 ~ 63Hz
Display 800*480 Color Screen, 7" TFT
Interface RS-232, GPIB, Handler, USB
Flash Memory Built-in flash for storage of 128 groups of Multi-steps setting


Environment Temperature : 10°C to 40°C Humidity : 20 ~ 90%
Dimension (W*H*D) 344x145x343 mm
Weight 3 Kg

Parameters Measurement Ranges

|Z| R X 0.001mΩ - 99.999MΩ
|Y| G B 0.1nS - 99.999S
Cs Cp 0.01pF - 9.9999F
Ls Lp 0.1nH - 99.999KH
D 0.00001 - 9.9999
Q 0.1 - 9999.9
DCR 0.001mΩ - 99.999MΩ
Δ% -9999% - 9999%
Θ ±0.001 ~ ±180.000deg


 Resistance, Capacitance, Inductance, Oscillators, Sensors, Delay Line, Filters, Resonators