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HMO3000 Digital Oscilloscope
HMO3000 Digital Oscilloscope
HMO3000 Digital Oscilloscope
HMO3000 Digital Oscilloscope

Product Name : HMO 3000 Digital Oscilloscope

Item No. : HMO3000


Systems that are constantly becoming faster and more complex lead to ever higher demands on the required measurement technology. The oscilloscope series R&S®HMO3000 offers the solution for current requirements in regards to bandwidth, sampling rate and memory depth. Its bandwidth of up to 500 MHz allows to set a new milestone in the development of high-performance mixedsignal oscilloscopes at an attractive price.
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HMO3000 Digital Oscilloscope-Datasheet-YOIE (5.7 MB)
((Superior hardware-based acquisition for precise measurement results))
* 4 Gsample/s realtime sampling rate, 8 Msample memory depth
* High vertical sensitivity down to 1mV/div
* Low-noise measurement due to state-of-the-art A/D converter
* High acquisition rate to identify signal faults
* Segmented memory and manually adjustable memory depth

((Versatile measurement functions and fast results))
* Wide selection of automatic measurement functions
* QuickView: key results at the push of a button
* Mask test: a new mask can be easily created with just a few keystrokes
* FFT: the easy way to analyze the signal spectrum

((Logic analysis with the MSO option))
* Mixed signal function as standard
* Precise triggering on signal events
* Straightforward display of digital signals
* Low test point loading due to active probe solution

((Serial bus analysis: hardware-based triggering and decoding))
* Versatile trigger options for isolating specific data packets
* Color-coded display of decoded bus signals
* Direct export of analyzed data to USB memory drive
* Simultaneous decoding of two buses in realtime

((Voltmeter measurements using an oscilloscope))
* Three-digit display for precise voltage measurements
* Simultaneous measurement on all analog channels of up to four voltage values totalling

((Future-ready investment and scalability))
* Free firmware updates
* Bandwidth upgrades as required
* Serial bus analysis and segmented memory via optional software licenses