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HMO Compact Digital Oscilloscopes
HMO Compact Digital Oscilloscopes
R&S-HMO Compact Digital Oscilloscopes
R&S-HMO Compact Digital Oscilloscopes

Product Name : HMO Compact Digital Oscilloscopes

Item No. : HMO compact


The digital mixed signal oscilloscopes in the RR&S®HMO Compact series unify high sensitivity and multifunctionality with an attractive price. The wide range of applications and measurement functions address embedded developers as well as service technicians and educators. Advanced, powerful technology in a compact design meets the requirements of today‘s customers.
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HMO Compact Digital Oscilloscope-Datasheet-YOIE (5.3 MB)
2 Gsample/s realtime sampling rate, low-noise flash A/D converter
2 Mpoint memory, zoom up to 50 000:1
MSO functionality included as standard (HO3508 logic probe with eight channels required)
Component tester for capacitors, inductors and semiconductors
Vertical sensitivity down to 1 mV/div
Trigger modes: slope (A/B), pulse width, video, logic, serial buses (optional)
Serial bus trigger and hardware-accelerated decode including list view options: I2C + SPI + UART/RS-232 (HOO10/HOO11), CAN + LIN (HOO12)
28 automeasurement parameters plus statistics, formula editor, ratio cursor
Six-digit hardware counter
FFT up to 64 kpoints (dBm, dBV, V (RMS))
Pass/fail test based on masks
Automatic search for user-defined events
Display: 12-div x-axis, 20-div y-axis (VirtualScreen)
2 x USB for mass storage, RS-232/USB dual interface for remote control