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RTE 1000 digital oscilloscope
RTE 1000 digital oscilloscope
RTE 1000 digital oscilloscope
RTE 1000 digital oscilloscope
R&S-示波器-RTE 1000 digital oscilloscope

Product Name : RTE 1000 digital oscilloscope

Item No. : RTE 1000


Brief Description

Truly uncompromised in performance and impressively user-friendly – that’s the R&S®RTE1000 Digital Oscilloscopes oscilloscope.

With bandwidths from 200 MHz to 2 GHz and top performance parameters, the R&S®RTE1000 Digital Oscilloscopes oscilloscopes set standards in their class:

Highest sampling rate of 5 Gsample/s and deepest memory of 200 Msample for accurate acquisition of long signal sequences
Acquisition rate of more than one million waveforms/s for finding signal faults quickly
Extremely low-noise frontends and 16-bit vertical resolution in high definition mode for precise results
Highly accurate digital trigger system with virtually no jitter for triggering on smallest signal details in realtime
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Key Facts

up to 16 bit vertical resolution
More confidence in measurement results
More fun to use
More functions and faster results
Extensible: more application power
Probes: excellent contacting
Wide range of accessories
((More confidence in measurement results))
* Precise measurements due to very low inherent noise
* High dynamic range due to single-core A/D converter
* Full measurement bandwidth, even at 500 μV/div
* High time resolution combined with deep memory
* Finding rare signal faults quickly thanks to one million waveforms/s
* Accurate triggering with a digital trigger system

((More fun to use))
* High-resolution touchscreen
* Fully customizable display
* Fast access to important tools
* Signal details at your fingertip
* Fast access to instrument setups
* Documentation at the push of a button

((More functions and faster results))
* Automatic measurements: 77 functions available
* QuickMeas: key measurement results at the push of a button
* History function: looking back in time
* Mask test: settings in only seconds
* FFT function: the easy way to analyze the signal spectrum
* Search and navigation: focus on details
* Math functions: calculations made easy
* Reference waveforms: fast comparisons

((Extensible: more application power))
* Logic analysis: fast and precise testing of embedded designs
* Serial protocols: easy triggering and decoding
* Power analysis: current and voltage in detail
* High definition: see more with 16-bit vertical resolution
* EMI debugging: testing during development

((Probes: excellent contacting))
* Comprehensive probe portfolio for any measurement task
* High signal fidelity due to excellent specifications
* Probes with 0.01 % measurement accuracy
* Active probes with micro button for instrument control

((Wide range of accessories))
Safe transport and easy rackmounting