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The Bode plot analysis is now available for R&S oscilloscopes.


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Engineers use oscilloscopes as a primary measurement tool. Equip your oscilloscope now with a Bode Plot Analysis Option RTx-K36to test your circuits' phase and gain response to help evaluate stability of control circuit, parasitic of passive components as well as resonance behavior.

The Bode plot analysis is now available for R&S®RTB2000、R&S®RTM3000 and R&S®RTA4000 oscilloscopes. With their 10-bit ADC, low noise and high dynamic range, users can analyze respones to frequency changes from 10 Hz up to 25 MHz with high accuracy and cost effective method which is ideal for industrial applications educational labs.

The software provides both time and frequency domain analysis simultaneously, allowing users to observe signal waveform and adjust amplitude output level accordingly. Phase and gain margin are indicated using cursors while additional measurement table makes it easier for reporting. Check out the application card below for more interesting measurements....
Key applications:
Frequency Respones Analysis lets you characterize the frequency response of a variety of electronic devices including passive filters and amplifier circuits. Click on the icon learn more. Power Supply Control Loop Response(CLRmeasurements to determine the quality of eht control circuit to ensure the stability of voltage regulators and the switched mode power supplies. Click on the icon learn more. Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR測measurements provides information about the influence of input voltage variations on the stability of output voltage Click on the icon learn more.
Check out Martin's explanation on Bode Plot
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