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Microtest Launched 6632 Impedance Analyzer


Microtest Launched 6632 Impedance Analyzer

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Microtest corporation launched 6632 impedance analyzer, it provides 5 frequency from 10Hz to 3/5/10/20/30MHz. Meet the different purchase budgets of customers.

The 6632 impedance analyzer provides accurate measurements (inductance, capacitance, and resistance) over the impedance range and wide frequency range. It is high precision high frequency component analyzer. In addition to the new spin button for customer settings, and has many features:

1. Equivalent Circuit Analysis: It has seven different models, combine with different types of parameters (R、L、C), you can see three or four elements value, and self-resonant frequency (SRF).

2. Sweep Mode: Use sweep mode function to analyze component characteristic, the diagram of curves shows in the screen.

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