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R&S®FPC1500 can perform one-port vector reflection measurements


R&S®FPC1500 can perform one-port vector reflection measurements

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By combining the Value of Three instruments, the FPC1500 is truly unique. The advantages of this three-in-one concept reach further than having only one bench space occupied. A single instrument also means that to obtain the specified measurement performance, only a single investment and a single calibration are required.

Spectrum Analyzer
The FPC1500 is a spectrum analyzer that provides investment protection through software frequency upgrade capability. It features class-leading RF performance, as well as optional PC and mobile remote control.

Vector Network Analyzer
The FPC1500 is a vector network analyzer that utilizes an integrated VSWR bridge to achieve one-port vector network analysis, with a Smith chart display available. Having an integrated VSWR bridge means there is no need to mount/dismount an external bridge during test operation.

Signal Generator
The FPC1500 is a signal generator due to the unique independent source principle. Not only does it provide standard tracking generator functionality, it can also be used in free or coupled CW modes.

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