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Acute launches the TravelBus before the embedded world 2016 exhibition-Please contact YOIE


Acute launches the TravelBus before the embedded world 2016 exhibition-Please contact YOIE

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The TravelBus is a 2-in-1 analyzer which is a protocol analyzer and also a logic analyzer; its major specifications and features are:

. PC-based
. 16 channels
. USB3.0 interface/power
. 200MHz timing/state analysis
. Memory: PC RAM

1. Protocol analyzer.
. User friendly software: needs only 3 steps to capture the bus data.
. Long time data log: use the PC RAM by 64bits OS and the transitional storage to record data for up to a few days.
. Easy search for the data: built-in data filters and measurements allow the user to search and observe the
specific data much easier.

2. Logic analyzer.
. Digital waveforms: with the 200MHz sample rate, it helps the user to view the data in the waveform format.
. Bus triggers and decodes: supports 10+ protocols. With the protocol’s command or data as the trigger
condition, it is easy to pinpoint the problem.
. MSO: 2 models (TB1016B/TB1016B+) are able to stack the Acute TravelScope DSO to form as an MSO to
see both digital and analog waveforms on the same phase to identify if it is a software or hardware problem.

3. Others.
. Differential signals: the TB1016B and TB1016B+ are able to capture differential signals like CAN, RS422,
RS485, ProfiBus (the last 3 protocols use the same port)
. The CAN port with isolation is able to withstand 1000V.
. Graphical display: the PWM or the I²S is supported by the graphical display which helps the user to see the duty cycles or the sound waveform.

Benefits of the TravelBus:
. High performance: 2 analyzers (protocol + logic) in 1 device.
. Low price: with start price at only US$260 for the basic model (the TB1016E).
. Multi-fields applications: applicable for both digital and differential signals.

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